Welcome to Rapid Search

Over 90% of Internet users use search engines to find products or services they are interested in; that’s why our multi-talented team of digital marketers are here to help your website reach its full potential.

We are rapid search and we are an established team of online marketing professionals specialising in search engine optimisation, social media strategies, online PR and email marketing.

We are based in Lombard Street, London, however we also cover areas of Sussex.

Online marketing is a powerful, wide-reaching tool and needs to be conducted properly; we will spend quality time creating a personal strategy for your website to ensure a successful marketing campaign.

We provide SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and even training in SEO, social media and Google analytics so we have everything at our disposal to improve plus increase traffic to your company’s website.


Intelligent SEO keyword research

During the Keyword & Competitor Research stage of your SEO campaign, Rapid Search will thoroughly research your website to see how it currently stands

You will receive a one-on-one consultation with a member of our team so we can learn as much about your target markets as possible.

Extraordinary SEO consultancy services

With our SEO consultancy services we will conduct our keyword and competitor analysis, give your site a full SEO audit and put together a comprehensive SEO strategy to be implemented, including all our recommendations, along with comprehensive explanations as to why we have made our recommendations and how they will benefit your site.

We’ll then consult with you on how to implement that strategy to ensure maximum impact. 

This allows your web development team to remain in complete control of the site whilst taking advantage of our SEO expertise.

Social media marketing that will make your company blow

Social Media Marketing is a relatively new channel for marketing and can appear a little intimidating if you’re not sure how it works. 

A clear social media strategy is needed from the start or you’ll quickly find yourself up to your neck in problems that could otherwise have been avoided.

The Different email marketing  

Email marketing is an effective way of directly contacting existing and potential customers.

Compared to many other methods of marketing, it’s a low cost way of staying in touch with existing customers and an effective way of increasing repeat purchases. 

It is also a very good way to reach potential new customers.

SEO Training

Although SEO has often been  implied to be a ‘dark art’, it’s really just a matter of understanding the way the search engines work and how they rank the sites in their index.

The search engine optimisation consultants at Rapid Search have developed their understanding through years of development, research and direct experience.

We understand, then, just how much time is needed to read, learn and test different SEO techniques.

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