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The gold fairy dust of Social Media is viral marketing.

Any company that tells you? we’ll make you a viral? isn’t really being upfront about their ability or intentions.  It?s like promising someone you?ll win a horse race ? you can be confident in your ability to deliver, but there’s no way you can guarantee anything.

What you can go on is previous work that’s been made, the quality of that work and the quality of the people you intend to work with.  A great viral campaign is just a great idea – a simple kick-yourself? I should have made that. creation.  We work with our clients through brainstorming sessions with an aim to get the social masses behind a campaign that tactfully keeps a message at its forefront.

Get a viral right and you can add serious value to your business for a relatively small sum of money.  It’s the exciting way to market your business and with a medium to low risk, it produces a huge reward if things go well.

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